BPM produces several models of finest and most efficient Surface Drives for racing and high performance applications.

BPM Surface Drives come in various configurations: In-Line-Drives or Drop-Centre- Drives. The propeller shaft can be fixed or trimable and steerable.

All drives can be used for gasoline and diesel engines up to 1200 hp, RH or LH rotation.

BPM V-Drives, coupled to engines through universal joint shafts, allow for reduction in propeller revolutions and engine installation on flexible mountings to eliminate vibrations. Different sizes and reduction ratios are available, from powerboat to motor yacht.

Custom propeller shaft and bearings are engineered as well and produced by BPM.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


Various Configurations of BPM Drives:

Open Support D.64

Drop D65D with T65

Drop-Center-Box D65C with T65

In-Line Support with T65

V-Drive Box

V-Drive Applicantion